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Honey Harvest 2015

Just uploaded this video of our volunteer crew harvesting honey in the basement at Asches Urban Honey. We shot it on a hot August afternoon and this is a cool December afternoon when I finally got around to uploading. Thank you to all of our crew … the Legacy Good Samaritan nurses, our daughters, and our neighbors who came out to help.

Enjoy the “Honey Harvest” video, a reminder of summer.


Honey’s Here!

Honey’s here … Come and get it!

Jar of Asches Urban Honey in front of bee hive.

Honey the way it is meant to be, right from the bees.

Starting Saturday, September 19th from 10:00 am to mid-afternoon … and continuing on Saturday, September 26th we will have pure unfiltered honey from organically tended bees available at our home store, 7525 N New York Ave, Portland, while supplies last.

All honey sold in quart jars. Same price as last year, quart jars for $20.00 each.


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